Skull and crossbones for Pirate women's basketball

Published on Wed, Mar 1, 2006 by Alexander Jones

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Last Wednesday's game was played in front of a moderate crowd. "There was pretty much no one here at the start of the game," said Peninsula College student Jared Romberg.

More and more fans began to trickle in closer to the end of the first half.

Leah Bradley began the second half with a three pointer bringing the Pirates closer to Olympic with a score of 34-39.

A lone fan wearing skull and cross bone decorated clothing attempted to encourage the Pirate women by shouting "Defense, it's all about defense!"

The Pirates maintained their momentum until half number two.

About four minutes into the second half Tash McKoy was fouled and tied the game with a free throw. "Work hard, work hard," yelled Reina´┐ŻBoersma.

In a play closer to the end of the second half Pirate Guard Jennifer McCullah was hit hard enough in the head by an Olympic player to take her out of the game. McCullah reported feeling neck pain and was taken to an emergency room. Her injuries were a bruised face, eye and minor neck strain.

With 30 seconds left on the clock McKoy added more points to the scoreboard by landing a three-pointer.

The Pirates were close to catching Olympic the entire game but the game timer hit zero closng the game with the final score 73-66.

Saturday the Pirate Women played Skagit Valley.

Leah bradley led the way with 25 points. Reina Boersma came next with 14, and Suzanna Goplen-Dean with 11.

The Pirate Women had the game tied with about five minutes remaining.

Near the end of the second half the pirates lost their momentum and were overtaken by Skagit Valley. This added another loss for the Pirates with the final result 76-65. The Pirates play at Whatcom tonight and finish their season during their last home game against North Seattle this Saturday.

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